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 BtcXup -

In jos 

Mesaje : 1173
Data de inscriere : 23/06/2013

MesajSubiect: BtcXup -   03.09.17 10:09

Satoshi​ can accumulate in several ways:

Claim every 30 minutes from our faucet!

Visit Gift Game and click Gift Ad and win more!

With every claim get 1 free ticket for weekly Lottery!

Earn extra from Offer Walls!

Flip coin with other users and win extra Satoshis on CoinFlip!
Rool your luck for red, black or green on Roulette!
Try your luck to get big pot on Jackpot!

Pay via FaucetHub and mostly as instant payment.
No Withdraw Fees!
Minimum payment is 10000 Satoshis
10% Affiliate system!

500 Satoshis registration bonus for first 1000 users!

BTCXUP - Welcome to BtcXup

Sus In jos

Mesaje : 1173
Data de inscriere : 23/06/2013

MesajSubiect: Re: BtcXup -   13.09.17 9:46

Admin decreased withdraw limit that was in start 10,000 satoshi to 1,000 satoshi!

Sus In jos

Mesaje : 1173
Data de inscriere : 23/06/2013

MesajSubiect: Re: BtcXup -   19.10.17 9:15

Yep chat bonus is here. Be active chatter and get chat bonus! One thing is to not forget to not spam.

Also a new option to make some extra Satoshis is miner! You can now mine directly from Btcxup! Do not forget to properly appreciated your device power.

Minimum payment is only 1000 Satoshis

Admin plan to add more and more features!

Sus In jos
Continut sponsorizat

MesajSubiect: Re: BtcXup -   

Sus In jos
BtcXup -
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